Wie is fivestar grass

Fivestar Multi-use

wo 16 jan 2019

Herewith some nice pictures from our partner Playpitch in the UK.
Hierbij een paar mooie foto's van onze partner Playpitch in de UK, waarin de Fiverstar multi-use non-infill is verwerkt.

Artificial grass on a roof

ma 7 jan 2019

Herewith pictures of a beautiful project on a roof in Macau.
Hierbij een aantal foto's van een prachtig project op een dak in Macau.

One-stop shopping at Fivestargrass

di 18 dec 2018

We have become a total supplier of safety mattings for certified safe playgrounds. This means that we have added new products to our line of artificial grass, accessories and shock pads. We now offer rubber (EPDM) tiles, grass-permeable tiles, p...

Luxurious version of Cambridge line a big succes

wo 7 nov 2018

Last winter, we decided to expand our Cambridge line with the addition of a luxurious version to be valled Cambridge Prestige 45. The economic upswing is contributing to a trend toward a higher and denser version for landscaping. The result is m...

Adventure golf gaining in popularity

ma 29 okt 2018

In addition of traditional golf courses, we have noticed this year in the development of highly exclusive themed adventure golf courses. Their rugged looks plus their perfect playing conditions guarantee lots of fun playing golf in beautiful sur...

Kidsplay 24 Flex, the solution for installation on mounds

ma 15 okt 2018

Play mounds are increasingly being created for newly developed playgrounds. Since the installation of traditional artificial grass is considerably more difficult on mounds than it is on flat surfaces, we developed a solution: a special, more fle...

Fivestargrass installation certificate

wo 10 okt 2018

Our motto is: professional installation is required to guarantee customer satisfaction.
To make sure of this, we offer all of our partners an installation training as part of our service to them. During this training, we address a standard list o...

Kidsplay 24 Flex

di 25 sep 2018

Een mooi speelplek met onze nieuwe kwaliteit Fivestar Kidsplay 24 Flex.

A nice playarea with our new quality Fivestar Kidsplay 24 Flex.

Ein schöner Spielplatz mit unserer neuen Qualität Fivestar Kidsplay 24 Flex.

Adventure Golf

vr 7 sep 2018

Een adventure golfbaan, in Kroatië.
Alles is aangelegd met de hoogwaardige kwaliteiten uit de Fivestargrass golf collectie, waarbij de speciaal ontworpen designs direct in het oog springen.

Highly exclusive themed adventure golf courses,...

Kidsplay 24

do 6 sep 2018

Een aantal foto's van een 5 jaar oude speelplek in de gemeente Almelo, die recentelijk een nieuwe keuring heeft gehad, volgens de laatste normering.
De uitslag is natuurlijk perfect met nog steeds dezelfde valhoogte/testresultaten.

A num...

Kidsplay 24

vr 17 aug 2018

Fivestargrass speelplek 2 jaar na installatie

Fivestargrass playground 2 years after installation

Fivestargrass-Spielplatz 2 Jahre nach der Installation


Springfield 35

vr 3 aug 2018


Kidsplay 24 design

ma 16 jul 2018



Fivestar Allround 32

di 3 jul 2018

Hierbij een foto overzicht van een nieuwe installatie training in Portugal.
De kwaliteit Fivestar Allround 32 is een perfecte keuze voor deze plek.

Here is a photo overview of a new installation training in Portugal.
The quality Fivestar Al...

Kidsplay 24 Colors

di 12 jun 2018

Kidsplay 24 Flex

ma 28 mei 2018

Een mooi speelplek met onze nieuwe kwaliteit Fivestar Kidsplay 24 Flex.

A nice playarea with our new quality Fivestar Kidsplay 24 Flex.

Ein schöner Spielplatz mit unserer neuen Qualität Fivestar Kidsplay 24 Flex.

Fivestargrass Cricket - Soccerpitch

wo 16 mei 2018

Trots zijn wij op dit laatste project in het midden oosten.
Hier is een Fivestargrass cricket- voetbalveld aangelegd met een totaal oppervlak van maar liefst 18.000 m².

We are proud of this project in the middle east.
Fivestargrass cri...

Cambridge 45 Prestige (NEW)

vr 4 mei 2018

Vanaf heden volop verkrijgbaar, nieuw kwaliteit; de Cambridge Prestige 45.
Deze dichte kwaliteit heeft maar liefst 2.6kg garen per m², is super zacht en heeft een zeer natuurlijke uitstraling.

From now on available, new quality; ...


wo 18 apr 2018

Springfield - Portugal


Kidsplay 24 Special design

do 29 mrt 2018

Diverse speelplekken inclusief gemaakte design met Kidsplay 24.

Play areas including special design with the Kidsplay 24.


Kidsplay 24 Flex (New)

vr 9 feb 2018

Fivestargrass heeft de afgelopen tijd een nieuwe variant van onze bekende Kidsplay 24 ontwikkeld, met een flexibeler backing.
We zien meer en meer aanvragen voor speelheuvels en met de Kidsplay 24 Flex wordt de installatie nu een stuk vereenvou...

Fivestar Ice (New)

vr 2 feb 2018

Wij zijn trots te vermelden dat fivestargrass vanaf heden het assortiment heeft uitgebreid met een nieuwe productgroep, Fivestar ICE.
Dit zijn kunststof ijspanelen waarop het hele jaar door, en op iedere locatie geschaatst kan worden, zoals , e...

Fivestar Fire Safe

vr 1 dec 2017

Werk in uitvoering!
hierbij een paar foto's van een prachtig indoor project met de Fivestar Fire Safe kwaliteit, brandwerend kunstgras.
Dit project is in de voormalige Polaroid fabriek in Enschede.

Work in progress!
herewith some pictu...

Kidsplay 24

ma 26 jun 2017


Kidsplay 24

wo 21 jun 2017

Artificial grass

Allround 32

ma 12 jun 2017

Very durable play area in Singapore.

Showroom Portugal

di 6 jun 2017

Kidsplay 24

di 30 mei 2017

This is a nice example of a combination of play and sports area's, using various Fivestargrass qualities.

Hierbij een mooi voorbeeld van een combinatie speel- en sportplek midden in een woonwijk, waarbij gebruik is gemaakt van diverse Fiv...

Artificial grasses for all your landscaping preferences

do 18 mei 2017

We see that our artificial grasses are being used more and more often in situations where strict environmental and fire regulations are imposed. Our products meet the strictest environmental standards in many markets, such as the Scandinavian coun...

Kidsplay 24

ma 1 mei 2017

Multi use

Detailed drawing of a professional edging system for playing fields

di 18 apr 2017

Because we have received many questions concerning a professional edging system for artificial grass, we made a detailed drawing showing all the possible finishes/installation methods. This drawing should give you a good idea of the best choice ...

Kidsplay 24 Blue

vr 31 mrt 2017

Indoor voetbal op nieuwe kwaliteit Allround 32

do 9 feb 2017

We are very pleased to announce that our new quality Allround 32 (non-infill or semi-infill) designed for intensive applications has been very positively received. This quality is perfect for intensively used play areas (with or without a shockp...


ma 23 jan 2017

We've decided to put Fivestargrass on Facebook. We are now represented on various social media: (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) This way, we can keep not only you, but also consumers, informed of our various new developments and realized...

Fivestar Colour

do 19 jan 2017

Colour Beige

Kidsplay 24

wo 14 dec 2016

Multi use

Kidsplay 24

di 29 nov 2016

Play area

Exercise keeps children healthy

ma 7 nov 2016

In 2010, TNO published a study (03-11-2016, Dutch) showing that obesity rates under children have increased further, from 9.4% in 1997 to 13.3% in 2010. An attractive environment for children to play and participate in sports helps in combating ...

Enjoying your garden with Fivestar grass

vr 14 okt 2016

It’s now the season when a great many people start getting their garden ready for winter. Spring bulbs go into the ground, pruning is done, and the grass is pampered once again. But if your private clients no longer feel like sweating over...

Green as grass

di 27 sep 2016

Artificial grass is increasingly being used indoors and for decorative purposes. A logical question is then: Which fire safety requirements does the artificial grass comply with?

From chemical retardants
In the past, our artificial grass was...

Kidsplay 24

ma 5 sep 2016

Kidsplay Yellow

Safety Flooring for school playgrounds

wo 17 aug 2016

As announced previously, we have developed a new safety surface for playgrounds: EPDM safety flooring. Many of our clients have responded very positively to this new system, and we recently completed the first project in Poland!

Multipurpose ...


ma 8 aug 2016

Springfield Installed in Malta

Stonefield 36

ma 18 jul 2016

Kidsplay 24

di 12 jul 2016

School, play area with Kidsplay 24 in Assen.


vr 1 jul 2016

Springfield installed in Hamburg, Germany.

Opening special play object by enthusiastic children

vr 24 jun 2016

The opening of this special project, on Friday, June 24th, on the square in front of Sportboulevard Sport Blok, is a unique play object inspired by the shape of the island of Schouwen-Duiveland.

  "The Landrug is a gre...

Kidsplay 24

ma 20 jun 2016

Play area with Kidsplay 24 in The Hague


do 9 jun 2016

Springfield installed in Nordhorn, Germany.

New generation artificial turf for playgrounds

vr 3 jun 2016

The fact that artificial grass is very suitable as a base for various sports has been known for years. Much more recent is its use in roof top terraces, gardens, playgrounds, public parks and gardens. Each environment has its own demands. While ...

A versatile solution

do 26 mei 2016

Freedom of choice is a good thing because it gives you a way of getting exactly what you want. This is why we are proud to have included EPDM safety flooring – a combination of shockpad and poured rubber – in our product line. This a...

Artificial grass: perfect for green roofs

vr 13 mei 2016

Interest in green roofs is increasing around the globe. In the Netherlands, this is being demonstrated by a programme known as Green Deal Groene Daken. Via this initiative, the national government, private companies and/or local authorities are ...

Kidsplay 24

wo 11 mei 2016

Kidsplay in Leeuwarden

Kidsplay 24

ma 2 mei 2016

Kidsplay in Leiden


ma 25 apr 2016

Kidsplay 24

di 29 mrt 2016

Esdal College encourages athletic talent

wo 23 mrt 2016

Esdal College devotes a lot of attention to physical education. For one thing, it offers its pupils the opportunity to select sports as an extra examination subject to make it easier for them to move on to a sports training programme. In the mid...

Kidsplay 24

ma 7 mrt 2016

We have installed a multi use with the Kidsplay 24 in Rotterdam.

Renewed Certificates Safetyflooring

di 9 feb 2016

Our certificates Kidsplay Safety flooring have been tested and aproved by Keurmerk and  are renewed till 2019.

Keurmerk-gecertificeerde valdempende ondergrond;

Keurmerk-certified shockpad system (grass + shockpads);

Safetyflooring; Artificial grass and EPDM

vr 5 feb 2016

Combination of our grass and EPDM.

Multi-use Kidsplay 24

wo 3 feb 2016

Multi-use with the Kidsplay 24 (Laren)

Cambridge 25

ma 1 feb 2016

Cambridge 25 installed arround swimming pool in Georgia


do 28 jan 2016

Springfield in Norway

Play area @ school with Kidsplay 24

ma 25 jan 2016

Play area @ school with Kidsplay 24

Company garden

di 19 jan 2016

Multi use with Kidsplay 24

do 14 jan 2016

Multi use installed in France

Play hill with our Kidsplay

ma 11 jan 2016

Play hill with our Kidsplay

Safetyflooring; Artificial grass and EPDM

do 7 jan 2016

Combination of our grass and EPDM.

Installation of our Kidsplay Safety flooring

di 5 jan 2016

Play area with shockpad and Kidsplay 24

Kidsplay non infill

ma 4 jan 2016

Kidsplay non infill - indoor.

Welcome in 2016!

vr 1 jan 2016

Thank you for the pleasant cooperation last year.

FivestarGrass wishes you a successfull and prosperous 2016!
Hopefully we can continue our good business relation.

How its made

zo 23 aug 2015

Click on the video below to see how Artificial Turf is made.

Play area with Kidsplay 24

di 18 aug 2015

Play area with the Kidsplay 24 (Hilversum)


zo 16 aug 2015

A garden installed with the Springfield in Germany (combined with natural Lawn)

Play area with our Shockpad and Kidsplay 24 Colours

do 13 aug 2015

Play area with our Shockpad and Kidsplay 24 Colours (Almelo)

Cambridge Deluxe

di 11 aug 2015

A company garden installed with the Cambridge Deluxe in Germany.


ma 10 aug 2015

A play area installed in Asia.


di 11 aug 2015

A company garden installed with the Springfield in Scandinavia

Cambridge Deluxe

vr 24 jul 2015

A company garden installed with the Cambridge Deluxe in Germany.

Kidsplay 24 Multi use

di 16 jun 2015

Multi use with the Kidsplay 24 (Assen)

Cambridge Deluxe

di 2 jun 2015

A Garden installed with the Cambridge Deluxe in Germany.

NEW Fivestargrass Fire rating

zo 31 mei 2015

We have our grasses tested according the EN  ISO 9239-1 and got the highest fire rating for the play grasses (20 kg sand/m²)  Bfl and for the landscape non infill grasses (12 kg/m² sand) Cfl rating.
See our datasheet with ...

Stonefield 24

do 28 mei 2015

A Garden installed with the Stonefield 24 (Emmen)

Stonefield 36

wo 27 mei 2015

A Garden installed in 2010 with the Stonefield 36, still in perfect condition. (Oldenzaal)
With only once a year a proffessional maintanance

Stonefield 24

di 5 mei 2015

A Garden installed with the Stonefield 24 (Losser)

Play area with the Kidsplay 24

wo 22 apr 2015

Play area with the Kidsplay 24 (Amsterdam)

Play area with Kidsplay colours

ma 13 apr 2015

Play area with Kidsplay colours

Play hill with the Kidsplay 24

wo 1 apr 2015

Playhill with the Kidsplay 24. (Enschede)

McDonalds with the Cambridge 25

ma 23 mrt 2015

Another McDonalds installed with FivestarGrass, Cambridge 25mm. (Enschede)

Play area with Kidsplay colours

ma 16 mrt 2015

Play area with Kidsplay 24 colours (Urk)

New items for play areas: Twister, Hopscotch and Circles

ma 9 feb 2015

For play areas we have some new items which can be add/integrated easily to the Kidsplay 24 quality.

Twister       : dimension 2m x 1.5m
Hopscotch  : dimension 3m x 1m  

dia 30


Domotex 2015 Hannover

vr 30 jan 2015

From 17th until 20th January, FivestarGrass participated on the Domotex in Hannover.
We look back with satisfaction at this exhibition, where we have welcomed many international clients and prospects at our stand.

Von 17 ...

Play area with our Shockpad and Kidsplay 24

di 9 dec 2014

Play area with our Shockpad and Kidsplay 24 Colours (Almelo)


Fivestarplay, Runenberghoek te Enschede

di 29 nov 2011

Before and after with the Tudor Kidsplay!

Fivestarplay, Breda

ma 24 okt 2011

Fivestarplay, Willinklanden te Enschede

ma 10 okt 2011

Before and after with the Tudor Kidsplay!

Special project

di 18 okt 2011

At the request of a customer (who will occupy a large area with artificial turf, in subjects with high color contrast), we have developed two new grasses.


di 7 jun 2011

Before and after with the Stonefield 36!

Home Golf

ma 4 apr 2011

FivestarGrass first Home Golf Garden in Hamminkeln, Germany.

Installation Multiuse SUTU in Hengelo

do 31 mrt 2011

We used Kidsplay 24 in different colors

Display box Cambridge

ma 21 mrt 2011

Of course we make also pallet boxes for our customers

Display box Contents:

14 rolls Cambridge 1.33m x 5.00m

Installation manuel included


Easy to take away (approx.  20kg per roll)

On request also other qualit...


ma 24 jan 2011

Fivestar Grass has started a promo campaign, to introduce everyone our unique shock-absorbing system NEN1177.
Fivestar Grass shockabsorbing system ensures years of  fun and a safe base for playing applications.
If you...


wo 1 dec 2010

Join Now Fivestar Grass company profile: Linkedin.

FivestarGrass à hauteur unique

vr 30 jul 2010

Depuis  juin 2010 , vous pouvez admirer sur la tour Eiffel, outre la belle vue, un gazon FivestarGrass. 

Villa de l'ambassadeur suisse

do 29 jul 2010

Un de nos partenaires renommés à Dubaï, Farnek Avireal, a installé du gazon synthétique FivestarGrass dans le jardin de l'ambassade suisse à Abou Dhabi. Une grande économie d'eau est ainsi r&e...


wo 21 jul 2010

FivestarGrass aussi présent dans le domaine de l'équitation. En plus de la décoration des obstacles, FivestarGrass a aussi fait ses preuves comme surface dans des marcheurs. N'hésitez pas à nous co...

Artificial Grass Abu Dhabi

di 18 mei 2010

Artificial grass by Fivestar Grass creates reduction of water use in Abu Dhabi.

Kunstgras van Fivestar Grass zorgt voor vermindering in watergebruik  in Abu Dhabi.

Kunstrasen von Fivestar Grass schafft Reduzierung des Wasserverbrauchs ...

Van kavel tot kasteel

zo 7 feb 2010

Van kavel tot kasteel (Dutch Program / NiederländischenProgramm)
Ajoutez ces informations à ma brochure personnelle:
open panel


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