Wie is fivestar grass

Why artificial grass?

When spare time is rare, you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. More and more often, a garden or roof terrace becomes an extension of the house.

A place to relax and enjoy. Natural grass is a fine solution for playing children but has its downsides as well, especially in summer time: the need for regular maintenance such as mowing, fertilising and weeding, too much or too little water, insects and allergies.

With FivestarGrass, which can be applied anywhere, you can enjoy a clean, maintenance-friendly and ever-green lawn.

Possibilities of artificial grass

Artificial grass needs a minimum of maintenance and gives the environment a fresh, natural and well-kept look. Imagine: no more mowing, fertilising, cutting or weeding.
Fivestargrass makes artificial grasses for inside and outside, for your balcony or roof terrace, for your (design) garden or the childrens’ playground. But also for your chalet, around the swimming pool, for the tennis court, your private putting green or futsal field, our artificial grass is the perfect solution. Our artificial grass is also highly suitable for use in hot and sunny areas where natural grass does not grow or hardly grows without artificial irrigation. Also from an environmental point of view – there is a shortage of water worldwide – our artificial grass is increasingly used in Southern Europe and the Middle East.
In short: Fivestargrass has many different applications and offers lots of advantages.
Do you want to know which artificial grass best suits your wishes? Have a look at our products.

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