Wie is fivestar grass

Artificial grass

Artificial grass of Fivestargrass has many advantages in comparison to natural grass, paving or other bases. These advantages are summed up below.

The advantages of artificial grass:

  • suitable for use both inside and outside;
  • has a natural and fresh look;
  • always a fresh green sight;
  • enhances the atmosphere of your environment;
  • excellent price/quality ratio;
  • is installed quickly: your garden or roof terrace gets a true make-over in only one day;
  • always a perfect result;
  • a maximum of pleasure with a minimum of maintenance;
  • a long life span;
  • eight years of factory guarantee (seven years of factory guarantee in Southern Europe and the Middle East);
  • great savings on water, no need for spraying; especially in hot and sunny areas this means huge savings;
  • well drainable, no puddles and mud;
  • no more weeds, moss and other plagues;
  • free of insects;
  • allergy-free;
  • no need for fertilising;
  • always a clean and dry playground;
  • suitable for sports and playing;
  • can stand rough wear and is always in top form;
  • Keurmerk- certified shockpad system (grass + shockpads);
  • suitable for pets;
  • suitable for covering ugly surfaces (walls);
  • suitable for installation at locations where natural grass is no option;
  • is recyclable.

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