Wie is fivestar grass

Advantages of FivestarGrass artificial grass

The unique shockpad system of Fivestargrass has many advantages in comparison to other playing bases such as sand, wood chips and rubber tiles.

  • often becomes dirty with droppings of cats and dogs that contain pathogenic parasites;
  • needs to be supplemented constantly;
  • the height of falling is never guaranteed.
 Wood chips:
  • has the same disadvantages as sand and is sensitive to rotting
Rubber tiles:
The cheaper tiles are often of a low quality, so that they will become hard quickly. The edges will stand up straight and can thus cause cuts.
  • Good rubber tiles are expensive!

Fivestargrass shockpad NEN-EN 1177:2008

The Keurmerk certified shockpad of Fivestargrass are a guarantee for a qualitatively high-grade and safe playground with a long life span. We give 15 years of guarantee on this product!

The NEN-EN 1177:2008 shockpads have very favourable characteristics:

  • Fallheight unaffected by weather conditions;
  • Extremely durable. Unaffected by weather conditions or decay;
  • Closed cell structure prevents absorbtion of water;
  • Fixed form supported by fiberglass fleece;
  • 60 liter per minute discharge of water;
  • Smoothing effect on subbase;
  • Supports the flexibility of the artificial grass (yarn);
  • artificial grass can be joined with hooktape;
  • Shockpad with Kidsplay 24, Kidsplay Extra or the Kidsplay non infill  are certified according the European standard NEN-EN 1177:2008

To view the thickness of our certified Shockpads, click on the link below(according the European standard NEN-EN 1177:2008) the Fallheights are displayed in a table.

Website Keurmerk Institute: www.keurmerk.nl

Fivestargrass's unique shockabsorbing system is a nice, clean and safe base for playing applications, has a long life span, can stand rough wear and is always in top form.

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