Wie is fivestar grass


FivestarGrass produces different high-grade artificial grass qualities for various landscape uses.
The different types of artificial grasses can be divided into three areas of use:

  • balcony, roof terrace, swimming pool and (design) gardens: for these purposes, the so-called ‘non-infill grasses’ are used. These are artificial grasses that do not need to be brushed in with special quartz sand.  
  • private and corporate gardens and public parks and gardens: there are infill grasses for these purposes (qualities that are brushed in with sand). Depending on the use, more or less sand is scattered in the artificial grass.
  • sports, playing and other ‘multi-use’applications: suitable for young families, hotels, resorts and public locations, amongst other purposes. For these applications, the Kidsplay quality is used most of the time, available in Non-infill, 24 and 32 mm. The 24 and 32 mm are brushed in with quartz sand.

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